What is Quina?

Quina is an online platform to reach businesses in Japan that may not necessarily provide service in English. Quina helps these businesses handle inquiries they receive in English. This allows visitors like you to reach them without knowing a word of Japanese.

What does it cost to use Quina?

Quina is free for visitors to the website who are looking to contact our registered Japanese businesses in English. Browse our registered businesses, or contact us to reach businesses that have yet to register. We can still help you get in contact with them. Please contact us for more information.

How does Quina work?

Visit a registered business’s page on Quina and contact them from the form on the page. Our team will receive the message, and the registered business will also receive a copy to notify them of the message. Our team will then get in contact with the registered business to help them with your request.

Can I request a video conference?

Certainly! We can arrange a 30-minute video conference with the registered business upon request. Our team will provide translation during the session, so you can prepare everything you need for the conference in English.

What if I need help after contacting registered businesses?

Our team will help registered businesses every step of the way, from confirming the details of your request to delivering the requested products or services. While Quina may be a new service, our team has been serving clients all over the world for more than 10 years.